The Omakase Dining Experience at Glass Box in Del Mar

As someone as obsessed with sushi as I am, I’ve tried countless number of restaurants, searching for that perfect sushi haven and yet nothing has ever come close to Glass Box. This eatery boasts an “Asian Coastal Inspired” menu, featuring an array of seafood dishes that seamlessly blend traditional Japanese delicacies with modern Californian coastal cuisine.


What truly sets Glass Box apart from the rest is the vision of its Owner and Head Chef, Ethan Yang. He offers a dining experience like no other – the exquisite Omakase style. A luxury meal consisting of chef selections, Omakase allows you to witness firsthand as Chef Yang crafts each masterpiece before your eyes. Chef Yang carefully explains each dish, allowing you to really understand what you’re eating. For those like me who have a hard time choosing just one dish when eating out, the Omakase experience is a perfect option for those looking to try a bit of everything on the menu. 

At Glass Box, Chef Yang focuses on only using the freshest ingredients. He sources an array of different fish on a daily basis, promising an ever-changing menu of delectable delights. From Kinmedai Golden Eye Snapper and Korean Halibut to Hokkaido Scallops from Japan, Bluefin Tuna from Spain, and King Salmon from New Zealand, there’s an option for everyone’s taste buds.


While Glass Box’s sushi holds a special place in my heart, I must admit their cocktails are equally as amazing. Even as someone who isn’t a frequent drinker, every time I visit I always find myself sipping on at least three cocktails. The Matcha Martini and the Lychee Martini are absolute gems for all my fellow martini loving gals. The Matcha Martini is the perfect combination of smoothness and infused with just the right amount of matcha. The Lychee Martini, on the other hand, is a bit on the sweeter side and you can really taste the flavors of the lychee fruit. Both as masterpieces that will have you craving another round. A refined twist on the classic, the Toki Old Fashion is another great option and is made with Santori toki, bitters, orange, and coco. The most unique cocktail on the menu is the Local Shito made with Malahat ginger spice rum, lemon juice, yuzu, and shitshito pepper.


Yang’s family moved to the U.S. from Japan in 1986, and he was born two years later. From the age of 6, he was washing dishes in his family’s restaurant and he learned to cook beside his father, Henry Yang, who owned Mr. Charlie’s Fortunate Cookie and Zen Modern Asian Bistro. A few years ago, Yang decided to strike out on his own with a bold concept he called Glass Box. As a longtime sushi chef, he was accustomed to having customers watch him making rolls and nigiri behind the glass boxes of a sushi counter. So when he decided to launch his own restaurant last year, he created a supersize glass-walled sushi restaurant with 18 seats around the counter, and tables with another 35 seats outside the glass box. Glass Box is located inside the Del Mar Sky Deck.